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Finding Large Attachments and Emails in Google Mail / Gmail


Google Mail is awesome. You can use it as an alternative to exchange, or even for personal use. As some GApps administrators may have seen in the past, users love to archive everything (you may even do this in your account). Google gives you 25GB of space for your Mail account, which may seem like a lot, yet there are ... Read More »

Creating multiple Google Docs Collections/Folders with gdata-python-client and python

Recently, I needed a quick way to create multiple folders (now called ‘Collections’, but I will refer to them as folders since I dont like the term collections) within Google Docs. Needless to say, it would take a long time to do this by hand. I then ran into gdata-python-client, which is the Google Data APIs Python Client Library. It ... Read More »

Retrieving all Google Apps Groups and Users within the Groups with PHP/Zend Framework

If you are using google apps, then you probably love groups as much as I do. Although, managing them can become somewhat of a hassle and there is no good way to get a listing of all groups and the users within all of those groups. So, I wrote up some quick php code that will output all groups and ... Read More »

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