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OpenSwan, Amazon VPC, and Cisco ASA. Putting it all together.


Overview: Recently I have been working on the growing need of a private cloud to utilize ec2 instances in a secure environment. Right now I have a network behind a Cisco ASA which acts as the front end, and does what I need it to do. I started looking into Amazon VPC since I could create an IPSec tunnel directly ... Read More »

Fixing the slow login/logout/authentication issue in OSX Snow Leopard


Additional update 5/14/2012: I have found success in using likewise to bind users to Active Directory instead of the regular OSX method. Follow the instructions in the PDF here: Slowdowns have pretty much gone away when using this method. Update 4/27/2011: Big thanks to Simon who brought up this fix which I have confirmed on my end to be working ... Read More »

Installing Comodo InstantSSL Cert on Atlassian’s JIRA HTTPS


I ran into issues while getting the Comodo InstantSSL cert to work with Atlassian’s JIRA (which runs on top of Tomcat). I documented the steps here which outlines getting the cert working with JIRA/Tomcat. When submitting the request for a cert to Comodo InstantSSL you need to have .csr and .key file.  For the purposes of this example, I am ... Read More »

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