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Sr. Systems & Network Administrator, trying to be blogger, living in Boston Massachusetts.

Upgrade the PS4 Hard Drive to SSD

hard_drive recently posted an article on How to Upgrade the PS4 hard drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD), which would allow for better performance from the Playstation 4. Replacing the hard drive is extremely easy, as writes: Basically, the PS4 hard drive upgrade process is very simple. You need to slide off the shiny section of the PS4?s ... Read More »

Fixing the ‘cable or accessory is not certified’ iOS 7 notification


After the release of iOS 7, some users are reporting their lightning cables are no longer charging their iPhones, where the phone displays the message “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone”.  It looks like Apple is blocking all non-certified lightning cables, however there is a workaround in the meantime. The reddit user 3quanimity mentioned ... Read More »

Apple iOS 7 IPSW Download Links


It’s here! iOS 7 is available to download! In order to install the ipsw, you need to do the following: 1 - Launch iTunes (make sure iTunes is up-to-date) 2 - Connect device to computer 3 - Select your device in the list (e.g.: Filip’s iPhone) 4 - click the “summary” tab 5 - hold the Alt key (on Mac OS X) / the Shift ... Read More »

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