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Sorry everybody, forgot to pay for the domain and was down for a couple days. My bad! Should be all set now! Read More »

Restoring Specific Files on a Mac using Time Machine


I ran into an issue with restoring stuff using time machine, which I regularly use for backups. I wiped my computer due to it having some issues, but made sure to do a full backup with time machine to an external drive. Upon reinstalling OSX, I chose to restore contents from Time Machine, and everything looked good, but the problems ... Read More »

Mac OSX Snow Leopard / Lion Sound Not Working & Greyed Out


I reinstalled Lion recently and ran into an issue where sound would not work on my Mac. The sound icon in the upper right was greyed out, and if I used the volume keys it wouldn’t do anything and just show an X on the screen. After reinstalling multiple times I figured out I just had to plug in some ... Read More »

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