Monthly Archives: January 2011

Configure EasyIDS (Snort) with Brocade Network Gear

I haven’t played with snort in a long time and was suprised to see how far its come from since I last used it. The basis behind me revisiting snort again is due to the need for efficient monitoring… To sum it up, I have been looking for a solution to effictively monitor and take action against illegal p2p traffic. ... Read More »

Grab Top Twitter Trends In Perl

I wasn’t able to find any code for grabbing the top twitter trends in perl. It was all pretty much PHP, so I hacked this up quickly. Enjoy! Code: Output: # perl Trend 1: Macaulay Culkin Trend 2: PowerBalance Admits Their Trend 3: Quentin Tarantino Trend 4: Craigs List Killer Trend 5: Pete Postlethwaite Trend 6: CONFIESO PUBLICAMENTE Trend ... Read More »

Hijacking Links in Trending Topics within Twitter

I have been doing a little bit of work with how twitter users can easily be redirected to url’s that they didn’t intend to go to in the first place. This is a bit concerning, specifically since there is a good¬†probability¬†of it being a malicious url. I have created a quick perl script that does the following: Grabs the top ... Read More »

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