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Wentworth Institute of Technology Leaks Social Security Numbers for 2003 Freshman Class

A former classmate back in the day messaged me today about Wentworth leaking social security numbers for the public to see and was accessible via google search. I literally typed my full name and social security number into Google and it was the first thing to come up. I was amazed to find out that the college I attended for ... Read More »

URL Obfuscated v1.0

edit: I replaced the link with another link shortener since they turned lame and starting enforcing link protection :( This is some sample perl code for part of a project I’m working on. It allows you to run a perl script against a url, and it will obfuscate the link by using multiple url shorteners. Some people have programs ... Read More »

ArbitroWeb XSS Advisory

Published:¬†June 22, 2004 References: Original Advisory: vendor: ArbitroWeb about: An anonymous web surfing proxy written in PHP. ArbitroWeb will¬† redirect all web requests thru it's set of scripts, all URL's contained will be adjusted/mangled to it's own scripts. date: june 22nd, 2004 vendor status: ? problem: javascript can be injected into the /?rawURL= field... ex:<script>javascript:alert();</script> popups up ... Read More »

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